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Sex Work  

KassieLeeandU 23M
77 entradas
24/11/2020 7:05 pm
Sex Work

Is sex work really work?
Eh , not sure

cozzycouple 62H/63M  
542 entradas
25/11/2020 3:50 am

If you like your job then it really isnt work. Q? Heard that before.??
If your interest is your hobby, thenit really isn't work.
If you have to work at it to enjoy it then you maybe shouldnt do it.
If you are not into it but have no choice then thats even worse than work,
Stop immediately. So I voted depends.

14259 entradas
25/11/2020 1:28 pm



formygirle 40H
42 entradas
30/11/2020 6:52 am

My Vote is for NOPE

stevenjamison207 51H
56 entradas
30/11/2020 11:54 am

Hello! This is great! I have a bit of experience in this and hoping for me. Will you help? Local availability all the time and will travel for the right reasons. Smile, it could be you. Can't wait hear from you.

Objectifyme77 61H
17 entradas
2/12/2020 5:28 pm

Depending on what kind of work you're trying to achieve.

Eros15937 42H
10 entradas
6/12/2020 7:04 pm


Jimmyspissed2 51H  
10 entradas
8/12/2020 1:01 pm

if you love and enjoy what you do , you never work a day in your life !!

missmarvel69 48T
50 entradas
11/12/2020 7:48 pm

You wouldn't charge if you really wanna fuck.

BBWjawn 35M
32 entradas
17/12/2020 4:55 am

yes its work just fun work lol

shipwreck369 45H
49 entradas
21/12/2020 3:08 am

You will not always enjoy it, or want to do it. Bills still have to get paid though.

OneNight06990 53H  
8 entradas
23/12/2020 2:34 am

I second that ... BBWjawn

iwant2btakenover 44T  
13 entradas
29/12/2020 1:19 am

I would love to get into sex work its one of my things I'm wanting to explore I could entertained older white guys every day if I could get there fast it's a huge turn on to b a fuck toy

FunNewGuy1000 60H
489 entradas
30/12/2020 2:45 pm

so far I have only earned a small fraction of what I earn in my other work.

Wickedfun696 36H  
3 entradas
9/1/2021 4:29 am

work is work, but it depends if youre enjoying it, or getting paid, did you set out to go to work or go to a party? its all about your perspective....

stringtime666 59H
900 entradas
15/1/2021 2:41 am

+ voted +

Lust was zu schreiben? [post Privater Briefkasten Privat Mailbox (private Mailbox)

rm_rm_margalion 51H/46M  
23 entradas
17/1/2021 7:27 pm

Depends if the worker encounters a good and fun/nice/pleasant environment and rapport with the people they “work” with. I’m sure many visits would be a complete chore and some more relaxed and not so bad.
But I have never done that, some i imágine may do it because they like the sex or the adventurous side of it??? Some just to pay the bills and that coils suck.


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