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bozz962 62H
14 entradas
6/1/2021 7:50 pm

dose age really matter?

seoulswing2 37H/27M
67 entradas
12/1/2021 5:04 pm

The wife enjoys older men, some much older than herself.

maybe1932 66H/51M
36 entradas
13/1/2021 10:20 am

If their is a physical attraction, no it doesn't matter to me. Their are plenty of ladies both younger and older I'd love to do have sex with just for the physical pleasure.

Illbcnu6996 32H
14 entradas
13/1/2021 2:14 pm

Nope, all ages have different experiences

BlkCatKilla 41H
32 entradas
15/1/2021 8:42 am

With a caveat... it depends on the individual just like everything else. Some can hang, others cannot.

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